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about us

About us

Quantum Works was founded in 2021 when Fraser Gordon saw a unique opportunity and a gap in the global market place for a AAA gaming title and studio, where fairness and customer satisfaction lead the way, but, with one key twist. 

Quantum Works is funded solely from its own cryptocurrency token, a BEP20 token utilising a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network. This cryptocurrency is the money which will drive the economy in Quantum Works first AAA title to be published, Project Quantum (working title), and future titles to come.

Quantum Works & Project Quantum

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message from the founder

“I have been investing and continiously learning about crypto currency since it’s early adoption by the tech community around 2009 when Bitcoin came to be. SInce then cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has exploded with many amazing projects now leading the way in the world of tech and fin-tech development and adoption.

Gaming has always been a huge part of my life, and at the start of 2021 I came up with the idea of powering an in game economy, with cryptocurrency. I love the immersive worlds offered by AAA titles but the biggest issue is, is that every title has it’s own cuurency, it’s own coin which you must buy and once you purchase it, that’s it. It becomes a sunk cost to the gamer, and there is nothing more they can do with that coin or the purchase they made with it after that point.

This is where our token comes in. By powering our first AAA title, Project Quantum with our own cryptocurrency, we will seamlessly allow players to trade both ways. They can use our token to make purchases in game, trade with other players, but most importantly, they can cash in their tokens for real world value. Using our new model we can allow players to earn while they play, by constantly being able to inject value into the game world’s items and also offer great prize money for regular PVP tournaments.

This will be the fairest in-game ecosystem seen to date, and our hope is to expand the title itself in the future by offering continious free content updates, but also use our token as the in game currency in future titles as well. Our long term goal would be to see our token adopted by platforms in order to allow players to purchase other titles.”