Founder & CEO

Fraser Gordon

Fraser Gordon - CEO & FOunder

“I was born and raised all over Glasgow but spending most of the time on our farm in the middle of the country side. I have ALWAYS had a love of gaming since I could hold a controller and when I was 9 years old I met my two best friends, Robbie and Jamie and we have been gaming ever since. 

For me gaming is more than fun, it’s an escape and a social platform where I can catch up with old friends, and make new ones. Being able to combine my love of gaming and my vast knowledge of crypto to bring something new and fresh to the massive sphere of gaming, is an phenominal opportunity.

It is beyond exciting to say the least and I have been very humbled recently with all the suppport for the project. “

Scottish Edge Winner 2018 – Young Edge Scottish Edge Winner 2017 – Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

Father to two amazing children, and extremely lucky to be doing this project with my extremely talented partner Caitlin at my side.